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Front Hub Strip Down, Defender 98> (90/110/Wolf)

A video showing the preparation and disassembly of an offside front hub assembly in a Land Rover Defender with a "Stake" nut type of setup.

Starting with the safe jacking and placing of the front axle on axle stands, it takes you through the removal of the brake pads and caliper, then the removal of the hub nut and the hub.

For the re-assembly of the hub see the next video down in this list.

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Front Hub Rebuild, Defender 98> (90/110/Wolf)

A video showing the reassembly of an offside front hub assembly in a Land Rover Defender with a "Stake" nut type of setup, made up of bearings, an adjusting shim collar and stake type hub nut.

The adjustments and torque settings can be found in the "Video Description" on the youtube video link, along with other useful information.

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Hub Bearings & Seal Replacement, Defender

A walk through of how to replace a hub bearing.

How to Replace a Propshaft Universal Joint

A full walkthrough tutorial on how to replace a propeller shaft universal joint (Hooke joint).

If a propshaft UJ wears, which can be through general wear and tear or through lack of maintenance then its failure can cause significant damage to the vehicle and possibly its occupants.

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LandRover LT77 & R380 Manual Transmissions

The LT77 & R380 transmissions were most commonly fitted to Land Rovers.

The LT77 was generally fitted to vehicles from 1982 to 1994, and the R380 was fitted from 1995 to around 2007.

The LT77 is an updated version of an old Jaguar gearbox that found its way into current model British cars manufactured by British Leyland. The LT77 gearbox was so named because the distance between the main and lay shafts is 77 mm.

There were two version of this gearbox. The earlier version is known as the short stick version. The later version, introduced around 1988 is known as the long stick version.

The R380 box (So named because it is rated to 380 Nm of torque) was introduced as brand new LR gearbox across the entire Land Rover and Range Rover product lines. The R380 is a reworked LT77 with improved main shaft bearing arrangements that provided an overall strengthening of the box. The R380 still has the LT77’s 77 mm shaft spacing.

Since Rover was no longer part of British Leyland the LT prefix was abandoned.

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Jack Castor wheels moving

A look at how a jack moves as you jack up a vehicle and why it's important to align the wheels of the jack before raising it.

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