Prop Shafts and Universal Joints

Understanding Universal Joints

Universal joint are used throughout the transmission system and parts of the steering system to transmit drive through varying angles.

Most commonly used to transmit drive from the transmission to the axles, UJ's are most commonly used in pairs to counteract the cyclic variations that can occur when using them as a single joint.

Universal Joint Hardy Spicer

How to Replace a Propshaft Universal Joint

A full walkthrough tutorial on how to replace a propeller shaft universal joint (Hooke joint).

If a propshaft UJ wears, which can be through general wear and tear or through lack of maintenance then its failure can cause significant damage to the vehicle and possibly its occupants.

Land Rover Prop Shaft Universal Joint

Cyclic Variations

A look at cyclic variations, which can occur when your prop shaft UJ's are out of alignment or phase.

These cyclic variations can be felt through the vehicle as a vibrations.

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